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Weight: 153 Lbs

Height: 22″

Head size: 28″

Color: Blue Ghost Tri

Bloodline(s): TBD

The Profit is a Giant amongst Giants when it comes to 3xL style bullies as you can see… His head is massive and so is his whole body I mean the boy is a Tonka Truck… Not only dose he bring, head, bone, tight feet, neck, and shoulders but he also brings that exotic color game to our program as well… This young Bully God has a bright future ahead of him and so do we…

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  1. Adam Posner

    I really like this Blue Pitbull. I had one with almost the same markings he was nearly as big. He was the sweetest, most relaxed, obedient, Best dog I’ve ever had! I look forward to dealing with this one and seeing his disposition. Please call me ASAP at 13104608888. I really hope I can see him later today! Thanks, Adam

  2. Deon

    How much are the puppies

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