Queen B

REGISTRY: ABKC WEIGHT: Still Maturing HEIGHT: Still MAturing HEAD SIZE: Still MAturing COLOR: Blue Fawn BLOODLINE(S): Early Mugleston, Razor's Edge, Late Mugleston


Mother Pearl AKA Pearly

Registry: AKCWeight: 83 LbsHeight: 22"Head size: 22"Color: WhiteBloodline(s): Brit'sPearly is a correct fully functional American Bulldog which was a requirement when we purchased her to be one of our foundation female... She’s a pretty dog, tall, muscular and proportionate...She is also very athletic and has hoops like a Kangaroo...We are excited to see what this girl will produce for our American Bulldog program...



Registry: ABKCWeight: 86 LbsHeight: 18"Head size: 23"Color: BlueBloodline(s): MuglestonLil Momma is a compact, big boned, blocky headed Bully bitch.. Her Bully frame and Big bones is what makes her stand out in our breeding program from all our other bitches...This young Bully Goddesswill for sure bring great Bully characteristics to our future pups I promise you...


Reign Supreme

Registry: UKC Weight: 69 Lbs Height: 16" Head size: 23" Color: Lilac Tri Bloodline(s): TDB Ace Reign Supreme is a bad ass pit bull bitch all the way around... Not only dose she have one of the best colors in the dog game with her being a Lilac Tri but she also has all the characteristics of a super game pit bull... She stays on ready and is athletic as they come... We are looking forward to all her productions and am hoping she can bless us with those exotic colors as well...



Registry: ABKCWeight: 90 LbsHeight: 19"Head size: 23"Color: BlueBloodline(s): MuglestonBlue Flame is a thick Bully bitch from top to bottom... She has head, shoulder, bone and an excellent temperament... She’s a real sturdy xL bully bitch as you can tell and I’m sure she will bring that quality to our future pups... Stay tuned into her growth and development because I’m sure she won’t disappoint...


Baby Ruth

Registry: AKC Color: Red BuckskinBaby Ruth AKA Ruthy is a special K9; not only dose she look amazing with her perfect structure and wide frame but her awareness and athleticism is at an Elite level... She is very active and at the same time very chill... We are excited about this girl Ruthy and am looking forward to her productions in the future...


The Holy Spirit

Registry: UKC Weight: 63 Lbs Height: 18" Head size: 22" Color: Blue Bloodline(s): Original Mugleston/Razor's Edge & Watchdog The Holy Spirit is just that, a Holy and Spirited Elite K9... She loves to work and shows her firery spirit in everything she dose...She’s a sexy bitch too, nice, fit, muscular, sleek and full of drive...I know she’s going to be a great producer for our program and am looking forward to all her productions...

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