Here at The Bully Gods 3,6,9,12. elite K9 DNA laboratory our mission is to formulate, engineer and produce the Ultimate High Performance K9 companion and protector with extreme drive, high intelligence  and eye catching, jaw dropping looks… Got DNA??? WE DO…

these are Some of Our puppies we have available

One of our high performance XL Pitbull Draco litters. Big sturdy body frames, exceptional function, athleticism, stamina, lean & sleek muscular build with lots of drive and 3x the fire and desire. Please contact us for information on one of our high performance XL Pitbull Draco  pups.

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Available: Female
Our Males

We pride ourselves on our quality High Performance pit bull, American Bulldog, American Bully, French Bulldog, and Bandog DNA… We’ve been on this obtaining quality dog DNA mission since 2005 and we haven’t looked back ever since…

Our Ladies

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Our investment, patience and slow and steady approach has truly paid off over the years because now we are at the stage in our dog DNA program where we have everything we need to produce top quality dogs all in house… We pride ourselves on producing a quality, High Performance, fully functional, amazing looking, athletic, healthy, Elite K9 companion that will stand the test of time… 

I promise that if you purchase a dog from us you will get the total package which includes great health, amazing looks, great structure, complete functionality, extreme drive, balanced temperament and a loving loyal K9 companion…Got DNA??? WE DO!!! Bully Gods!!!

Profit & Goat

“For we walk by faith, and not by sight”


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