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Registry:UKC/ABKCWeight: 153 LbsHeight: 22"Head size: 28"Color: Blue Ghost TriBloodline(s): TBDThe Profit is a Giant amongst Giants when it comes to 3xL style bullies as you can see... His head is massive and so is his whole body I mean the boy is a Tonka Truck... Not only dose he bring, head, bone, tight feet, neck, and shoulders but he also brings that exotic color game to our program as well... This young Bully God has a bright future ahead of him and so do we... Previous Next



Registry: ABKCWeight: 135 LbsHeight: 21"Head size: 26"Color: Blue BrindleBloodline(s): MuglestonIntroducing The Goat, the Bully worlds first official 3xL Mascot...This young Bully God is a true K9 specimen through and through top to bottom... He is a monster truck of a Bully too, wide,big bone, big head, big shoulders, huge neck, and a Big Dog personality... He’s exactly what I was looking to add to our Dog DNA laboratory and I’m excited to see what he produces in the future... Previous Next

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Registry: ABKCWeight: 86 LbsHeight: 18"Head size: 24"Color: Fawn Piebald (White w/Brown Patches)Bloodline(s): MuglestonCowboy is a very special bully with a 6th sense; his energy and demeanor is reminiscent of an old school game dog, ready to lay his life down on site for the prize...This boy loves to guard and protect your property and you if necessary... Stay tuned in to see what this young Bully God will produce in the future.