You are currently viewing Premoe The Great

Registry: UKC

Weight: 103 Lbs

Height: 19″

Head size: 26″

Color:  Blue Fawn

Bloodline(s): Original (Early 2000) Mugleston/Razor’s Edge

One of The Legend, Mugleston’s Blue Boogie Monster’s greatest sons, Premoe the Great meant a lot to my family and I… Not only was he ahead of his time when it came to the bully game in the early and mid 2000’s but he was an all purpose K9 companion… He was such an even tempered dog that could turn on the kill switch on demand and also be your best loving comrade and just chill with you; I loved that about him… He was also built like a race horse, straight, sleek and muscular that loved to work work work 3x… We are blessed to have his son’s Shaka and Jaws to carry on his legacy and we were blessed to have had you Premoe the Great… SALUTE!!! my boy…

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